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Message 774 - Posted: 1 Jul 2013, 11:10:08 UTC
Last modified: 2 Jul 2013, 11:53:07 UTC

Hi everyone,
Several people have kindly offered to donate hardware to this project. We very much appreciate this.

Unfortunately there are two issues with this:
1. The hardware must be located in our server room for security reasons.
2. Our IT department requires that all servers in the server room are less than 5 years old. It's their way of reducing the number of hardware failures and using the space in the server room as best as they can.

What we're looking for:
Front end server:
This server runs the BOINC daemons and hosts all downloads/uploads. Ideally this would be a reasonably fast multicore server with a fair bit of RAM (>16GB).

BOINC database server:
We already have a good server for this but it was loaned to us and may be recalled at any time.
HP Proliant DL385 G5,
2 Quad Core processors (AMD Opteron 2356 @2.3GHz),
32 GB of memory

If you are interested in donating, please do contact us.
Many Thanks,

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Message 844 - Posted: 29 Jul 2013, 14:36:31 UTC

An idea to consider for an upload/download server:

Apply to World Community Grid for use of their server. They require a review of your source code, but since they already have another project using vina, this is likely to go faster than usual.

If you do this, though, prepare for a MASSIVE increase in the number of users.

Message boards : News : Server Donation

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