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Message 2571 - Posted: 8 Sep 2015, 2:00:50 UTC
Last modified: 8 Sep 2015, 2:06:54 UTC

Could someone please clarify if its about this project first of all?
Here is an issue description
I have currently running this project and its all fine except one thing
upload data amount
here is weekly report
address download upload total
ucd.ie 1.05 GB (2.0 %) 32.9 GB (69 %) 34.0 GB (34 %)
as you can see it does 69% of my upload traffic and I have either terminate the project or ask you to pack results on client side if possible?
Could compressing data be an option in settings?
I suppose all those years ages ago noone cares about those amounts, but why is it so big disbalance between incoming data 1 Gb and outcoming data 33Gb?
Anyway I think some action either on project side or whole boinc side could be done to pursue the balance.

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Message 2572 - Posted: 8 Sep 2015, 9:45:14 UTC - in response to Message 2571.

Each result file is around 50-60 Bytes, if I use gzip to compress the file, the compressed file is around 100 Bytes...

The difference between upload and download is because the tasks are combined. If you download 10 ligands and 1000 receptors, it will have 10000 tasks.

But the difference is quite huge, and I don't really know why...

Richard Haselgrove
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Message 2573 - Posted: 8 Sep 2015, 17:20:29 UTC

If Costa is measuring all traffic to the domain over, say, a router interface, then he's measuring a lot more than the upload files. There will be all the sched_request files as well, plus all visits to this web site. But even adding all that in, I can't understand anything remotely close to 30 GB a week either.

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Message 2588 - Posted: 17 Sep 2015, 22:50:01 UTC - in response to Message 2572.

But the difference is quite huge, and I don't really know why...

My guess would be sched_request_findah.ucd.ie.xml

If you do not reset the project now and then, this file becomes huge, as it contains the file list of the undeleted receptor files that are still available for future ligand runs.

Message boards : Number crunching : Upload data amounts

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