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1) Message boards : Number crunching : Team name disappeared in BOINC manager for Fight Neglected Diseases (Message 2784)
Posted 27 Nov 2016 by mikey
As described here, there is limited synchronization between two servers. We do however synchronize team credits even though your BOINC manager does not show the team name.

Another problem I'm seeing is that I can't change the Resource Share and have it apply once my pc's are attached to the website. Under the Find@home website I have it set at 90% but want to change that now that you have units again, I want some but not quite so many, but when I change the percentage, save it and then update my pc it doesn't change. There is no setting for any of that, that I can find, on the gridrepublic website.
2) Message boards : Number crunching : NO new work. (Message 2665)
Posted 12 Nov 2015 by mikey
It's been a week and STILL no new work is available.
3) Message boards : News : Project down this weekend (Message 2653)
Posted 28 Oct 2015 by mikey
are you in the Boinc Manager add a project section?

Well jeez, I would hope not.
That project isn't a charity, it's just for-profit bitcoin mining, with a vague promise that the guy making the profit will be somewhat charitable.

Oh good grief I am SORRY, I was thinking one thing and typing another!!

Actually it has donated over a thousand Euro's so far to places like BoincStats, Seti, MilkyWay and Free-DC. There have been 12 total campaigns so far and ANY Boinc Project needing funding should contact the Admin there and see what they can do to help.

BUT back on topic did you use that failed?
4) Message boards : News : Project down this weekend (Message 2650)
Posted 28 Oct 2015 by mikey
During BOINC startup, I now get a warning messages saying that I'm using the wrong URL for this project, and therefore need to delete the project and add it again.

are you in the Boinc Manager add a project section?
5) Message boards : News : Kernel panic (Message 2649)
Posted 27 Oct 2015 by mikey
6) Message boards : Number crunching : NO new work. (Message 2647)
Posted 19 Oct 2015 by mikey
Haven't gotten any new WUs since 17 Oct 2015, 11:49:19 UTC, and it is now 6:32 UTC on the 18th!! Something is wrong!

Too many users and not enough workunits, Ben is working on it.
7) Message boards : News : 57,634,517 WUs (Message 2646)
Posted 19 Oct 2015 by mikey
Something's wrong. Getting this in my boinc log file:

12-May-2015 06:12:05 [FiND@Home] Requesting new tasks for CPU
12-May-2015 06:12:16 [FiND@Home] Scheduler request completed: got 0 new tasks
12-May-2015 06:12:16 [FiND@Home] Server can't open log file (../log_findah/scheduler.log)

There are NO units available, check the Server Status link on the home page. Too many users and not enough work means we all need backup projects.
8) Message boards : News : FightMalaria@Home data now available online (Message 2645)
Posted 19 Oct 2015 by mikey
I sure hope someone can help me with this. I'm trying to run two "Malaria Apps", Find@Home and No problems at all with But some months ago I stopped receiving work units and nothing seems to happen with FIND@Home. Have re-installed BOINC, and tried to discover any sort of clue on the FIND website, but nada. I have lotsa cycles I'd like to donate (and I have a vested interest since I work in a high-incidence malaria area in PerĂº).

Can someone give me a clue or a few suggestions or try to talk me through this?

Colorado Springs

This project just has more users than workunits right now, MalariaControl generates units based on the previous batches results, so although they tend to also be small in number they tend to generate new units pretty regularly when they are in full operation. MalariaControl DOES have times when they have little to no units available, it just part of the way they run their project.
9) Message boards : News : FightMalaria@Home data now available online (Message 2644)
Posted 19 Oct 2015 by mikey
I have had no task download since Oct 17. I even requested several "project_update" actions over the weekend, but no task downloads occurred. Instead, the reply was no tasks available.

I did notice a message on one of the message boards from Oct 16 where the user reported receiving an error message about using the wrong URL for the project (I have not seen this message on my system). So, I detached the project, and requested to add a new project. I am using BOINCTUI, so I picked the FiND@Home from the list it presented, told it I was an existing user, entered my username and password, and suddenly I was downloading a new set of tasks.

What I would like to learn from Find@Home is if this is a routing occurrence. Is detaching and adding the project periodically necessary due to some reconfiguration they implement with their servers?

Next time, I won't spend 3 days trying to execute a project_update. I'll just remove and re-add the project.

This is not a good approach to keeping the project running.
Most concerning is that there were on warnings about this problem from project administrators.

The problem is that there are more users than units available, so they run out of units here sometimes. Then the work generator works hard and there are units again, it's essentially the same at every project. Some projects can drop hundreds of thousands of workunits at once into the queue, other tend to drop fewer at a time.
10) Message boards : Number crunching : NO new work. (Message 2630)
Posted 12 Oct 2015 by mikey

Looks like I came back late to the party, it's been so long.

Good to see you back, but not enough work around I'm able to get any.

Yeah I brought a few pc's here, I HOPE they can meet the demand!!
11) Message boards : Number crunching : NO new work. (Message 2626)
Posted 6 Oct 2015 by mikey
Finally got some more work!!! yay, had to keep hitting update but now I can forget BOINC for awhile. Climateprediction has to monitored or it will fill up all your slots with 103 hour projects and my poor Toshiba Satellite would take forever to work through them.

Set Climate Predictio9n to a zero resource share and it will ONLY get work when your other, higher resources share, projects are out of work. And then ONLY enough work to do what you need right NOW, not enough to 'fill the cache'. You do that under Your Account, Preferences for this project.
12) Questions and Answers : Wish list : CAN WE KNOW WHATS GOING ON? (Message 1195)
Posted 6 Dec 2013 by mikey

Server status
Program Host Status
data-driven web pages boinc Running
upload/download server boinc Running
scheduler boinc Running
feeder boinc Running
transitioner boinc Running
transitioner2 boinc Running
file_deleter boinc Running
sample_trivial_validator boinc Running
sample_trivial_validator2 boinc Running
sample_assimilator boinc Running
sample_assimilator2 boinc Running
sample_work_generator boinc Running

Tasks ready to send 0

READ the News Thread, they are DONE with Malaria units and will be switching to TB units in Q1 of 2014!!
13) Questions and Answers : Wish list : CAN WE KNOW WHATS GOING ON? (Message 1190)
Posted 5 Dec 2013 by mikey
Server outages & Down time? What's going on? We the community (i think) would like to be more involved with up to date information.

Try this thread:
14) Message boards : Number crunching : Fighting Malaria losing the fight with the computers? (Message 1172)
Posted 25 Nov 2013 by mikey
I had some <1min WUs yesterday, later I got download errors for a bunch of them and a few minutes ago I yet again got a heap of <1min WUs.

Indeed that bothers me because it gives me the feeling that we do process heaps of work that are (even when validated) not useful for the science done.

They are releasing some new units and they can have problems especially when we crunchers have much different computers then the ones the projects folks have to test on. They are working on them.
15) Message boards : Number crunching : Fighting Malaria losing the fight with the computers? (Message 1165)
Posted 23 Nov 2013 by mikey
Thanks for that link again. I am impressed with the low number of errors. I8% doesn't seem too shabby but their usually of half a percent is really impressive.

Is that in the same ballpark as other Boinc projects? I have the knowledge to make my computer receive the work given and usually complete it on time, but beyond that I know very little of how grid computing really works or what error rates are. Anyone want to share what they know?

I think 18% is VERY HIGH as an error rate, most projects work very hard for significantly less! Most projects go thru phases where alot of units have problems as they release new batches, we users tend to have some very different pc's then the programmers testing the units have. But as they the units get tweaked most projects easily achieve an error rate somewhere below the 1% range I believe.

Remember alot of projects are run by college kids doing work on their thesis, so errors mean no degree. You do NOT get your degree if your experiment fails to show positive results, so errors are considered serious problems. Other projects are run for profit, meaning errors mean no cash flow, so again the errors are considered a serious problem. Still other projects are trying to prove, or disprove, a theory, having errors would not be helpful their either. And then we come to Seti, the search for ET, having an error there could mean 'the signal' was missed 10 years ago and that too would be a SERIOUS problem.

And finally you can look at some stats sites like this one:

Clicking on the different things on the far left hand side of the page to change the charts. I have not seen one that give the actual error rate of each project, but they are full of info.
16) Message boards : News : Errors in current batch or WUs - BACK ONLINE (Message 1145)
Posted 21 Nov 2013 by mikey

The program works. Posted by project on malaria. However, nothing on my side is not calculated.
Could you make sure that all that is required from the user is to install the program. A priority project is selected, left for you! For the general user has less knowledge in this area than you! The simpler the better for the user.
Thank you.

Kos I THINK you have done everything right, but the project is having problems with the units right now and they aren't sending any out for we users to crunch. As soon as that is fixed you should start getting some units to crunch.
17) Message boards : News : Power Outage (Message 1108)
Posted 11 Nov 2013 by mikey
Any chance a notice could be sent out on issues like this?

That sorta depends on what goes down, if the Server running the webpage goes down then where would they post something?
18) Message boards : News : No new tasks for 24 hours (Message 1102)
Posted 8 Nov 2013 by mikey
Sorry for the delay. I'm uploading new tasks at the moment. It's a large batch so expect them to be running within the hour.

Thank you!
19) Message boards : News : No new tasks for 24 hours (Message 1094)
Posted 6 Nov 2013 by mikey
I'll keep you posted. We've been delayed a little. Should be up and running late today or tomorrow afternoon.

Thanks for the update, as always better to be late then wrong.
20) Message boards : News : Brief interruption to supply of tasks (Message 1089)
Posted 4 Nov 2013 by mikey
I suppose something went wrong?

Why? My one pc is getting tasks just fine as are 2 of your 3 pc's.

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