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1) Message boards : Science : What is the relationship between GridRepublic, Charity Engine and FiND? (Message 2791)
Posted 29 Nov 2016 by Profile Steve Hawker*
It's really confusing.

On one side we have Dr Chubb and Rytis, whose prior works are unimpeachable I'd suggest. It seems that they are trying to do something unusual on the server side. It's clearly early days so we should expect alpha-like behavior and we're sure seeing that.

On the other hand, we aren't seeing any response whatsoever to reasonable requests for clarity about the whole Charity Engine situation. This coupled with the inability to see our tasks does not create confidence in this project. Worse still, for me, is that WUProp isn't logging the hours, just as they didn't log hours for Charity Engine.

So good guys keeping quiet means NNW, I'm afraid.

Is it too much to ask for some statement on this topic?
2) Message boards : Cafe : Sicituradastra. Team Forum (Message 2425)
Posted 12 Jun 2015 by Profile Steve Hawker*
Hello Astra*s,

After a short break the team forum is once again alive and kicking. Come join the fun at:

Please note this is not the old address.

New members always welcome to the party
3) Message boards : Number crunching : Mac OS X support ? (Message 2408)
Posted 3 Jun 2015 by Profile Steve Hawker*
Yes, it's planned.

Any update?
4) Message boards : News : We're still chipping away at the data... (Message 1340)
Posted 25 Mar 2014 by Profile Steve Hawker*
Hi Brian,

Kevin will hopefully be able to change the name of the FM@H server directly, so no one will need to do anything... hopefully!


Will this mean that our accounts and credits will automatically transfer to FiND@H?

And all power to you Ant, I'm struggling to even write my first chapter...
5) Message boards : Number crunching : I am seeing some deeply weird things (Message 1036)
Posted 13 Oct 2013 by Profile Steve Hawker*
At 1 hour per unit, you can process 24 units per day (assuming 24 hour processing, which I'm guessing is the default). At 4 hours per unit, those same 24 units now take 96 hours, or 4 days. Factor in that I only have the machine running about 12 hours/day, and that "1 day" estimate is going to take eight days (or more) to process.

If your machine isn't running 24x7, then BOINC provides a method for you to build a template of when it is running so work will be sent to you to just fill those slots.

Under Tools > Computing preferences > processor usage you can set exact times for every day and even customize each day.

BOINC takes this resource availability into account to send the right amount of work, even if the WUs are showing a wide variation when compared to the estimate.

I see a very wide variation in run times compared to estimate - wider than even you are seeing, but I do see my DCF changing all the time. With the 10 day deadline, I've never lost a FM@H WU due to timing out. FWIW, both my buffers are set to 0.5 days and I run all my toys 24x7.
6) Message boards : Number crunching : COMPUTATION ERROR!! (Message 959)
Posted 11 Sep 2013 by Profile Steve Hawker*
While the system was down, several WUs were created but the files on the disk were left empty. This has caused a number of WUs to contain errors. We have added some extra code the the work generator to fix this but it may take some time for broken WUs to flush through the system. We can't cancel all of them without discarding some valid work but will do so if the problem lasts much longer.

I don't remember seeing a computation error on my OSX toys, but I can guarantee I'll get them on my Linux box.

Maybe this is a clue, maybe not.

Any ideas?

7) Message boards : Number crunching : cool 0.00 credits (Message 405)
Posted 29 Oct 2012 by Profile Steve Hawker*
The new credit system is in place. I imagine that it will need some tweaking and I will be working on this over the next few days.
Thanks for your patience,

Just FYI, I got a credit of 1.00 for over an hour's worth of crunching. Please tweak away.

I'd be happy if you replicated eOn's credit system. WUs take about 10 minutes for 2-3 credits which seems reasonable to me.

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