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Last updated 24 Aug 2016, 10:20:38 UTC

x3mEn ("If everybody in the world Loved everybody in the world What a glorious world This could...")
XSmeagolX ("Member of Team SETI.Germany ...")
Xaleox ("I come from Germany, more precisely from Berlin. I am actively for over a year while...")
XGIMaricruzi ("Hey my name is Maricruz Barak , I'm 19 years old and from Australia. "I am so...")
XTCMaisieunz ("Myesha Kiger is what my partner loves to phone me though it is not the name on my...")
XFAKelvin614 ("The author is recognized by the title of Roger Cade but it's not the most masucline title...")
XavierDieter ("I'm Xavier and I live with my husband and our two children in Maisons-Alfort, in the...")
XJKDaniel237 ("")
XFADenice688 ("_____ ________ ___ ______ ________? __________, _______ ________ ______ ___,...")
XKKJoni06802 ("When people use the full name, Domingo is the name my parents provided me and I feel...")

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